The Kota Mama Expedition is extremely pleased to announce that Clayesmore School, Dorset has become the lead school in a major IT initiative.

The School will be the expedition's direct communication link via a computer satellite hook up. Other participating schools will then link up with Clayesmore from where the information will be distributed.


J P Knight Group Ltd

J.P. Knight Ltd have very kindly sponsored the Schools Programme as well as our Flagship. Their generous donation made at the Kota Mama Launch Party by Director Richard Knight has made the schools telephone link possible.

When the Kota Mama Expedition was operating in Bolivia last year, they received much hospitality from the people of the small town of Calacoto situated at 13,500 feet above sea level in the barren desert of the Altiplano. The people of this area are extremely poor, nevertheless they did everything in their power to assist the expedition.

At the request of the pupils of Brixham Community College in Devon, with whom the Kota Mama Expedition was linked by sat phone, students from Calacoto’s Simon Bolivar School spoke to children in England.

This has set up a great bond of friendship between the young people and we are now doing our best to raise funds to build some new classrooms for the Simon Bolivar School. We aim to raise £3,000 and to date have £525.

If YOU can assist, please send your donation to the Scientific Exploration society (Calacoto School Project) at Expedition Base, Motcombe, Nr. Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 9PB.