From the foothills of the Andes, we sailed the 2770 kms from the Rio Paraguay to Buenos Aires, stopping to carry out archaeological, ethnographic, and community aid projects en route.

As in Phase One the Expedition was to examine the possibility of early trading links between South America and Africa and encouraging support for Bolivian archaeology. The 1999 programme included the increased involvement of IT to publicise the expedition's work through the Internet and by the linking of students in host countries to others in Britain and Europe. Community aid projects involving engineer advice and support for educational facilities continued.

The route for Phase two.
The Kota Mama II Flagship.
Whilst the second phase of the expedition centred on a voyage by traditional reed boat from Bolivia to Buenos Aires, tasks were also carried out in Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina.


Team Reports

Phase Two of the Expedition ran from the end of July to October 1999.

Field Reports:

Other Information:

Owain and Charles with the BT Mobique equipment

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