The Expedition Team

Many people have been asking about the team: Who we are? What do we look like? and so on. So here we are after three weeks of being in the field.
Starting from the top left and going clockwise we are:

Gerry Masters 63 Building Specialist Quarter Master
Christopher Beale 26 Computer Specialist I.T. & Comms
Yolima Cipagauta 40 Teacher Interpreter
Noel Burrel 67 General Practitioner Doctor
Richard Snailham 67 Lecturer Historian & Author
Lt. Luke Cox 23 Royal Engineers Boat Captain
Jason Joyce 26 Royal Army Post Office Postal Service & Crew
Capt. Toby Marriner 26 Royal Engineer Survey
Ben Cartwright 52 Aircraft Engineer Engineer
Sgt. Freddy Ramos 29 Bolivian Navy Crew
Herman -- Bolivian Navy Mechanic
Ruben Castedo -- Driver Rover Driver
Rudolpho -- Bolivian Navy Driver
Colonel John Blashford-Snell 61 Explorer Leader
Danillo -- Archeologist Archeology
Chrysoulla Kyprianou 30 Freelance PR Boat Crew, PR & Camera Woman
Adrian -- Archeologist Archeolgist
Lt. Vladamir Terrazas 37 Bolivian Navy Crew
Oswaldo Rivera Sundt -- Archeologist Archeology
Maximo Catari 57 Boat Builder Boat Crew
Alex Catari 15 Boat Builder Boat Crew
Mark Lobel 18 Student Boat Crew and Camera Man
Jim Masters 69 Military Engineer I.C. Boats
Capt. Lee Smart -- Royal Signals Boat Captain, Comms & Illustrator
Elsbeth Turnbull 25 Project Management Archeology

Other members of the expedition who have left are: Barry Moss(39, Political Risk Insurer, Deputy Leader/Treasurer), Robert Rose(76, Retired, Photographer), Faanya Rose(P.R.), John Lyons(52, Arms Dealer, Comms), Sebastian Sheppard(29, Trainer, Interpreter), Eric Catari(30, Boat Builder, Crew).