DATED 01/04/98

This morning we had a live hook-up between the children of the Calacoto Simon Bolivar School and the children of Brixham Community College.

Live hook-up one

Live hook-up two

The event was filmed for TV at both locations. Colonel John Blashford-Snell then made a presentation to the Calacoto school of books and equipment.

On Sunday 29th a party sent back to the valley with the "City of the Dead" made an interesting discovery - "Painted Houses". These houses have stood for centuries without any interference from any other cultures. Many human remains are scattered around the interior and exterior.

At the painted houses

Human Remains

!Who Goes There!

On the wildlife front. Dept. leader Barry Moss was the first to see a Puma. Around the camp we have seen a fox, hares, some flamingos, but best of all we have seen herds of elegant Llama and Vicuna grazing on the Altiplano. The Vicuna were once threatened with extinction but now number 5,700 in this area.