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Field Reports

During an active phase of the Expedition, regular field reports will are available. These reports are uploaded by the team using a laptop and satellite phone and include photographs, pictures and MP3s.

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For more detailed information on the expedition a report can be purchased from the Scientific Exploration Society for 20. This 100-page document includes reports on the archaeological work, the anthropological studies, biology and wildlife, the medical and dental work and the community aid projects undertaken.

The report also examines the practicalities of the expedition, with papers on the performance of the reed boats, navigation and communications. The expedition took satellite phones, radios and laptops and the success and some of the problems and recommendations for future expeditions are recorded.

For a copy of this report please contact Melissa Dice at Expedition Base on base@ses-explore.org or tel: 01747 853353; fax: 01747 851351 or at Expedition Base, Motcombe, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 9PB.

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